Emotion: Power For Change

Things not working out the way you hoped?  God has given us a nuclear reactor to power change: emotion.

Aivazovsky Wave

Ivan Aivazovsky, Wave (Волна), 1889, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

I took a course this week called “Managing Corporate Change“.  One of the first questions was, “How much of any change do you think is emotional?”  Consensus: 80%.  The follow-on question: “How much time do we as individuals or organizations focus on emotions when navigating change?”  Answer: 0%.  Zoiks!

A large corporation I used to work for wanted to change it’s culture.  Conventional business wisdom is, “Now let’s not get emotional about this.  Let’s focus on behavior.”  Here’s the problem: if we don’t start with the 80% of any change, emotions, how will the other 20% possibly work out well?  It probably won’t.

But isn’t this a minefield to be avoided?  I feel all kinds of things about everything that happens to me.  If I go there I’ll just wander around getting blown up left and right.”  Incorrrrrect.  Emotions are not a product of the Fall.  God himself has them.  What did he say after every step of speaking the world into being?  “Ah… it is good!”  Emotions are meant to create positive energy to move forward.  Joy, for example, is an emotion that says, “Keep going in this direction”.  Anger is an emotion that says, “Something needs to change here!”  Our emotions are not a minefield to be avoided but rather a nuclear reactor to be harnessed.

“But, my God, when I start to feel stuff, my heart jumps all over the place.  I can’t even make sense of it!”  No worries.  This jumping around is how emotions are supposed to work.  What you are experiencing is the fusion reaction intended to result in a powerful beam of energy for change.  This is precisely how the Psalms of lament work.  The Psalmist feels the pain, acknowledges it, and is then freed up to embrace the hope that is unfailingly present, because of the unfailing God who embodies it.   “A plan in the heart of a man is deep water, but a man of understanding draws it out” (Prov. 20:5).

I can’t recommend this course highly enough.  I believe it will lead to a 20X increase in my own ability to deliver value.  Please consider it for yourself and your organizations.

What change are you facing that is presently causing you pain?  Have you asked yourself how you feel about it?  Let the reactor light it up.  What possibilities do you then sense bursting forth?

2 thoughts on “Emotion: Power For Change

  1. Joseph@JBKConsultants.com

    Steve, Great article! Sharing emotions is the key to successfully handling change. Now more than ever we need to be really good a clearing our emotions and being present to let others experience theirs as well.
    I believe that organizations are getting about 60% of their teams engagement due to unprocessed emotions from the last project/last event/homelife/relationships.
    I am setting up the schedule for 2018 and would love to meet with others to support and to seek if they would allow me to be on purpose and to make a difference in their life.
    Please reach out to me,


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