Preparing for a Lenten Adventure

Lent starts next week with Ash Wednesday.  Of course it doesn’t appear on my computer calendar.  How is it that as a nation we’ve come to the point where Earth Day is on the calendar but Lent is not?  At least Easter is still on there.

I’m 51 now, old enough to know that without a vibrant relationship with the Lord life so quickly crumbles into the formless sand of vacuity.  So I want this Lenten season to be one that grounds me and forms me more firmly in my Father’s grace and peace.

I went back to see what I had written previously on Lent and found this post entitled “The Rhythm of Epiphany to Lent”.  I actually liked it.  That’s rare for me as a reader of my own writing.  It needed some editing (of course!) but may it encourage you as it did me this morning.  I actually wrote it way back in 2010.


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