finding what moves you

harley 110th

A reflection on the Harley 110th
For Sunday, Sept 8th, 2013

Harley Davidson, one of our cities icons, celebrated it’s 110th anniversary last weekend.  Riders came from around the world.  The other day I pulled up behind a group of Canadian riders.  I asked, “So you are from Canada?”  They responded, “Well, actually, we’re South African, but living in Dubai, and we rode here with this group of Canadians from Seattle.”

Why are so many people so passionate about Harley Davidson?  Harley tries to capture it on their website with the phrase “find what moves you.”  Being on the bike is an opportunity to enjoy the moment, to connect with what revs your soul, and to do this with others who are experiencing the same.  My wife Heather and I were riding home yesterday afternoon alongside just one other bike.  As we roared up a hill on Highway 164 our two V-Twins sang in joyful harmony.   That rumble moves me.

As passionate as I am about riding Harley there is something I’m more passionate about – most passionate about – that I want to share with my fellow riders on the human journey.   It is my commitment to being a follower of Christ.  Why?  Following makes my heart sing just as those V-Twin were singing up the hill yesterday.  In him I can acknowledge what I really am – a profoundly flawed human being – yet at the same time know that I’m now forgiven and free to be the person I was intended to be from the beginning.

Contemporary secular culture gives Christianity a cold shoulder.   Christians are commonly portrayed as narrow minded, judgmental, and hypocritical.  Unfortunately, some of this is accurate.  Yet ironically the heart of Christianity is not judgment, but redemption.  As the Gospel of John says, “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world should be saved (i.e. redeemed) through him” (John 3:17).  

If you know me personally, and any of this raises even an inkling in your heart, could we sit down together and talk it through?  No pressure, no judgment, just a chance to step back together and ask, “Hey, what really does move me, what ought to move me, and why?”  We may come away from the conversation with different answers.  I’m okay with that.  But let’s at least enjoy a conversation.  If you don’t know me, I’d be happy to correspond by email. Or there is probably someone in your circle of influence that would be safe to approach.

Life is too rich to miss finding what moves us from deep in our souls.   Peace and joy to each of you in the rumble.


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