Finding our way


Children of the Sea“, Jozeph Izraels

Col. 2:6-15
For Sunday July 28, 2013
Proper 12

Do you ever find yourself yearning for more clarity, focus, and peace? I love technology and social networking yet there are times I find myself asking, “What’s the point of all this? How do I live successfully to the glory of God amidst such myriad opportunity? Col. 2:11-15 can help because it’s all about finding our way.

The Colossians were struggling to find there way due to some false teaching that seemed very attractive on the surface. It must have been some kind of precursor to the Oprah Winfrey Network. In these verses Paul gives us three keys to finding our way.

The first key is to walk in Christ (vv. 6-7). This means sinking our soul roots deep into him, allowing the gospel to reform us into His image, standing firm in all seasons, and doing all of this with the same joy with which we came to Christ in the first place.

The second key is to avoid being taken captive (vv. 8-14) by anything that is not grounded in Christ. Any advice about the good life that doesn’t have it’s foundation in Christ and the transforming work he started when we received him is baseless and groundless. When we believed he made us new people and it is only in continuing to follow him without reserve or regret that we will thrive as he intends.

The third and final key is to own our victory (vv. 13-14). When Christ died for us on the cross he both forgave all of our sin and demonstrated complete domination over all the enemies of this world. We are now free to pursue his redemptive purpose with complete freedom and abandon, fearing nothing that may cross our path.

Amidst all of the opportunity afforded to us by the modern world let’s remember that Christ and his kingdom mark the way toward lasting peace and joy.

Points to ponder:
Where in your life do you tend to wander into the weeds of life? How might a renewed focus on Christ and the gospel of the kingdom help you find your way back out of the weeds?


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