The faithful kindness of God

Ruth 1:1-18
For Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012
Proper 26

Why did Ruth decide to continue on with Naomi from Moab to Judah? Naomi had released her. Her sister Orpah recognized the soundness of Naomi’s logic: there was nothing waiting for Orpah or Naomi in Judah. Yet Ruth said, “I’m coming with you.” Maybe she didn’t completely know herself.

Yet the story of Ruth is not about Naomi, Orpah, or Ruth. It’s about the faithful kindness of God as it unfolds for Ruth, for Naomi, and ultimately, through their destination of Bethlehem, through Jesus to us. There is a single Hebrew word, HESED, which recurs throughout this story and is its core theme. HESED means “faithful loving-kindness”.

We are not alone, the situation is never hopeless, because their is a faithful and kind God working to redeem it all. If you are struggling today emotionally, physically, or relationally today, commit yourself into the arms of this God the way that Ruth committed herself into the arms of Naomi. He will surprise you with the depth to which he knows you, cares for you, and will redeem you.


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