be careful what you ask for

Mark 10:35-45
For Sunday, October 21 
Proper 24

James and John were competitive guys.  They really liked being close to Jesus and his influence.  They worked out a plan and came to Jesus with a proposal: “Jesus, we think we’re well positioned to be your right and left-hand men, respectively.”  What Jesus didn’t say was, “You know, I’m impressed with your performance, so here’s a piece of the brass ring.”  What he said instead was, “Be careful what you ask for.

Being a leader in the Christian sense means not assuming a place of privilege but rather putting others before yourself.  It means giving your life away that others may live and thrive.  This applies to leaders who are Christians regardless of where they are found, whether in business or on their hip anti-pulpit bar stools.

A Christian in leadership is not chief but servant.  What do you really want?  To become a tyrant who lords it over everyone else or to follow the Lord who gave his life literally that we might live and thrive where we are today?


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