activism on ObamaCare

I think it is the duty of every Christian to seek to have a redemptive influence politically. While believers can respectfully disagree on policy choices I hope we can encourage one another to engage.

I sent the following email message to Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl this morning:
Dear Senator Kohl,

I am writing to express my opposition to the health care bill being presented on the Senate Floor today. I am opposed to it and urge you to vote ‘no’ for the following reasons:

1) The best health care solution is one in which citizens and private insurance companies are free to make decisions for themselves.

2) A 2,000 page bill that is released 1 day before a weekend vote is politically and ethically disgraceful.

3) This legislation is not revenue neutral and as a nation we can’t afford it.


Steve Godfrey

I will be sending a similar message shortly to my other Senator, Russ Feingold. I urge my fellow Christians who agree with this point of view to do likewise.


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