the flying spaghetti monster (FSM)

I came across a reference to ‘FSM’ and ‘WWFSMD’ the other day that piqued my curiosity. ‘FSM’ refers to “The Flying Spaghetti Monster” and “WWFSMD” to “What would the Flying Spaghetti Monster Do”. FSM apparently stems from Richard Dawkin’s book The God Delusion.

One of the reason this intrigued me is that one of this week’s readings is Hebrews 1 & 2. I’ve always loved the Book of Hebrews because at its core I think its an apologetic to the Jewish world about why belief in Christ is compelling. I like to ask myself, “What do people believe in today, and what is a compelling way to engage them with the claims of Christ?”
Secularism, the belief that the natural world is all that there is, is certainly a worldview that many people base their lives upon today. If we as Christians were to write the Hebrews equivalent of an apologetic to the secular world, what would be it’s basic outline? What would be the best way for me as a Christian to engage a secularist in a mutual pursuit of truth?
One place to start might be with the work of theologian and writer Alister McGrath who has written some detailed responses to Dawkin’s arguments.
I’m not going to try to answer these questions within the confines of this post. However, if you have thoughts on this that you would like to share, I invite you to do so.

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