compassion and entitlement

The third question I raised in my post “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Car Loans” was this: Have we confused government-sponsored welfare with the Christian virtue of compassion?


What? . . . Well alright then, three simple points to justify my answer:

1) Deficit spending is not compassionate because it is stealing from our grandchildren.
2) Financial support ought to be coupled with relational accountability, something the government is not equipped to provide.
3) A government which engages in transferring wealth soon corrupts itself.

Last week the television program “Frontline” noted that at current spending levels Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will consume over 100% of the federal budget at current growth rates by 2050. This is not compassionate: it is irresponsible.

I long to see America return to her former greatness. I want a government that restrains evil and commends the common good. Can’t we just eliminate these entitlements? Not practical. But why not say, “We can only do what we can afford.”

Is this to say that rugged individualism is the only Christian way? No, but it may well be the most compassionate way forward for America.


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