Christians and Government

The second question I raised about Christians and government in “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Car Loans” is this: What does the Bible teach, if anything, about the proper role of believers and churches in terms of their participation in civic governance?

I found a very insightful essay that addresses this question entitled “Christians and Government“. It’s written by a statistician named Darrell Dow. A statistician who can write is a beauty to behold and a joy forever.

After reading the article here are my key takeaways:

  • We must remember as believers that governance takes place within several concentric spheres with the most important one being governance of ourselves as individuals. From here comes the focus and power to be redemptive agents of influence in our other spheres of influence.
  • The State as an absolute sovereign is a myth: God is sovereign over all.
  • We are called as believers and as the church to work together for the good of our respective countries.

No single group of people can bless a country as can a group of Christians who are following Jesus in loving obedience together.


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