Epiphany as the Church’s D-Day

Peter Paul Rubens, “The Slaughter of the Innocents”

I commend for your reading and reflection today’s Breakpoint commentary by Chuck Colson entitled “The Slaughter of the Innocents“. His point is that Epiphany is actually more like D-Day than a quaint little manger scene. We are indeed engaged in a war, and a literal slaughter of the innocents continues today via abortion and infanticide. May our Father give us wisdom to know how to prosecute this battle on every strategic front.

I saw an interview on Fox News recently with a young evangelical who was advocating de-emphasizing the issues of abortion and homosexuality in order to focus on the needs of the poor. While the last of these three is certainly more in vogue in today’s political environment, it would be foolish to abandon our cultural engagement on the other fronts. The gospel has claims on all of life, and people are suffering in all of life. We don’t need to abandon any fronts: what we need is more believers to enjoin the battle. Let us join our Father’s fight for truth, reconciliation, and righteousness.


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