tracing the flow of thought

“The miracle of the loaves”
Unidentified, 3rd century, Vatican museum

Romans 9, continued
For Sunday August 3, 2008
Proper 13

It’s so important when reading Scripture to be able to trace the author’s flow of thought. This is particularly true in Romans chapters 9 through 11. So here is one outline of the flow of thought in Romans chapter 9:

  • God’s promise was never to the entire Jewish race but rather to those he has eleced from among the Jewish race (9:1-10)
  • This doesn’t make God unjust, but rather merciful and compassionate (9:11-18)
  • The above facts do not release us from accountability for our own actions (9:19-21)
  • God’s focus is to make the riches of his glory known to his objects of mercy (9:22-29)
  • This focus is playing out in God’s relationship with both Jews and Gentiles (9:30-33)

The so what here is this: we believers are objects of mercy whom God is committed to bless with the riches of his glory. This ought to have tremendous implications for our self-image; our priorities; and our vision for our families, churches, and careers. Live today as an object of God’s mercy to whom is being known the riches of God’s mercy. It will do you good.


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