global warming – straight thinking?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why among the cultural elites is it okay to be a skeptic on some topics, like Christianity, but not on others, like global warming? Regarding the latter, there are some questions that keep rattling around my brain loud enough to snap me out of the cultural stupor that seems to hypnotize so many:

  • What caused the end of the last Ice Age if it wasn’t SUV’s?
  • If the earth is millions of years old what meaningful conclusions can be drawn from a slice of data that is only 150 years wide?
  • To what extent might increased solar activity explain recent warming?
  • To what extent might asphalt explain measurements indicating recent warming?

It amazes me that in my State of Wisconsin we’ve already mandated 10% ethanol, largely as a response to global warming, only to discover that having done so has both increased costs of both fuel and food, and actually creates more greenhouse gas than it eliminates.

Here is a website that seems to have a good deal of helpful information for informed thinking on the topic of global warming:

It profoundly bothers me that I am being forced to put ethanol in my gas tank almost as much as it bothers me that I will soon be forced to use inferior light bulbs in my house. I’m all for environmental stewardship but this is not it.

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