an invitation to wisdom

Paolo Veronese, Allegory of Wisdom and Strength c. 1580;
Oil on canvas, 214.6 x 167 cm; Frick Collection, New York

Proper 15
Proverbs 9:1-6

“Wisdom has built her house,” and we’re all invited to come live there. Yet this means “leaving our simple ways” and “walking in the way of understanding.”

As Christian author and former missionary Elizabeth Elliot once put it, “What do you live for? How do you get it? Is it worth it?”

On my morning commute I like to look at other cars to dream just for a moment about what might replace my ’96 Accord with the dented hood, cracked bumper, and rusting rear wheel wells. Some of the cars that have caught my eye are a Porsche Carerra, a BMW 3 series, an Audi TT (or something like that), and a Mercedes 2-door.

Yet is this where I really want my attentiont to be focused? Going even further, do I want to structure my life around maximizing my personal income? No way. There are much more important things in life. Wisdom says, “Listen to your heart. Pursue your dreams. Nurture your family.”

This is not to say that a nicer car might not be an appropriate part of the overall picture but God forbid that I should live just for that. What is worth living for is seeing my wife grow and thrive, and seeing my three boys grow into the men God intends them to be.

Father, how we need wisdom, and what a privilege it is to be invited into your house and welcomed at your table.


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