good press for Christian devotion

Gauguin, “Swineherd”

Proper 14 – Psalm 34

Christian devotion does not get a lot of good press these days. This Psalm provides a number of reasons why it should. A personal commitment to Christ gives hope to the afflicted; gives the soul the object of affection it longs for deeply; delivers people from fears both real and imagined; makes radiant the faces of its followers; frees people from shame whether real or imposed; delivers people from poverty and trouble; provides spiritual protection and empowerment, as well as blessing and refuge.

Consider for example the experience of my missionary colleague, who was leaving Hungary after a number of years working there while the country was still within the Soviet orbit. As he was crossing the border checkpoint, a border guard said to him, “You are leaving? I’m always sad when the believers go.” “How did you know I was a believer?” my colleague inquired. “Oh, I know all the believers,” the guard replied, “I know them by the light in their eyes.” Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame (v. 5).

If you haven’t yet committed yourself to Christ may this Psalm nudge you into the family. If you have already committed to Christ, but are compromising, may these words draw you back to the fidelity of full devotion.

You are deeply loved and fully empowered in the grace of Christ.


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