Why the desert? (Exodus 16:2-15)

Proper 13

When God delivered his people out of Egypt he didn’t deliver them directly into the Promised Land. There was a desert in between. Why? He could have translated them directly to their new land. He could have made the deserts green along the way. Why subject them to that miserable desert?

There may be multiple reasons for the desert. One might be to allow God’s people to prepare for life in a land of abundance. A second might be to help God’s people appreciate the significance of blessing when it comes. A third might be for the Lord to demonstrate His power to provide.

I know a man who works in a vocational desert. He isn’t currently working within his passion, and has to put up with things from which his past leadership experience could reasonably be expected to exempt him, yet he’s doing what is necessary for this particular chapter of his life to provide for and nurture his family. The desert brings with it blessings that only the eyes of faith can see.

Do you find yourself in the midst of a desert? . . . Maybe vocational, marital, physical, emotional, or spiritual. How might the Lord want to use this to prepare you? To help you appreciate? To demonstrate to you His power? You too might have days when you long to return to the slavery of Egypt but God isn’t going to let you settle for so little. Trust him and journey on in grace and peace.


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