want some more of that (2 Kings 2:1-15)

Peter Paul Rubens, “The Prophet Elijah Receiving Bread and Water from an Angel”
1625-28 (70 Kb); Musee Bonnat, Bayonne, France

Proper 12

“What can I do for you?” asks Elijah of Elisha. “Give me a double portion of your spirit.” Have you ever met someone full of enthusiasm? This word derives from two Greek words: EN and THEOS, which mean together “God is in it.” Elijah strikes me as a “God is in it” kind of guy. His love for the Lord was infectious. People like this are far too rare.

I had (and still have) one such friend named Tom. In college, he got the crazy idea that we ought to get up at 2:00 am every night to pray for the guys on our respective dorm floors. Wierd, right? We did it. Nothing happened… at first. But then there was the Jericho walk around the dorm with about 20 people praying for God to give us the dorm, a trumpet and trombone blaring. Not much more happened… that year. The next year, a large number of people from that dormitory found their way into the kingdom of God. Thank you, Father, for Tom, for his genuine enthusiasm for you, and most of all, for his friendship. I want some more of that!

Point to ponder: Who would want a double portion of the spirit of a guy prone to depression? This is the very place where the angel of God met him (1 Kings 19). From whence does enthusiasm ultimately spring?


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