a sense of mission (Mark 6:7-12)

The Archangel Gabriel

Jesus’ own ministry teaches us several important principles about ministry. The first principle is that ministry requires engagement. Jesus went around teaching from village to village. He didn’t just simply put out his single and wait for people to come to him. What if more churches did this today. My own home church Elmbrook is currently hosting a series of discussions at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore on the Da Vinci Code. Kudos, and how much better than a boycott.

The second principle is that ministry is leveraged through personal discipleship. Jesus did a lot of personal ministry to many people yet everything hinged on whether twelve men got the picture. Is there really any better strategy today? If not, who are your twelve?

The third principle is to travel light. We Americans get so weighed down with our junk that we get immobilized. The Russians with whom I used to minister travelled with nothing more than a Bible, a toothbrush, and the clothes on their back. I started to do this with them (well.. okay, I often brought my laptop as well) and absolutely loved it. On overnight trips I had to take a shower before my family would receive me, but I loved it. You could try it too. Just limit yourself to one bag with a few essentials, get out there, and see what happens.

There are other great principles in this passage as well:

  • Ministry is often done best in pairs
  • Remember that opposition comes with the job (done well)
  • Shake it off
  • The response we’re looking for is repentance
  • The gospel is about power and healing (that’s different than health and wealth)

Where does God want your ministry to take you?


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