cultivating a legacy (Psalm 92)

So if one wants to cultivate a legacy how best to go about it? Psalm 92 provides several helpful steps.

A first step in cultivating a legacy is to enjoy a rhythm of celebration (vv. 1-4). This entire Psalm is meant to be used for this purpose. Make the Lord’s day special by creating space for worship, especially through music. Play your guitar or piano. Put on something special on the stereo and take time just to listen. Get to church ten minutes early and soak up the prelude for all you can. Martin Luther said that “music is the language of the soul.” Let your soul sing and thrive. Think too not only about a weekly rhythm, but a daily rhythm as well. What better way to begin and end each day than with God’s own heartbeat?

A second step toward cultivating a legacy is to draw upon the power of the Spirit (vv 5-10). This is the power that does miracles even today (if we’ll only allow ourselves to enter into circumstances in which we need them). This is the power that leads to deep insight into the reality of the created order and God’s purpose for it. Such insight provides perspective on why the wicked seem to flourish for the moment, but will soon meet the fate of summer’s weeds. This is the power that strengthens and refreshes us as though we had the energy of wild bulls (the NLT does a better job than the NIV here). This is the power that brings down the wickedness of those who oppose the kingdom of God.

A third step toward cultivating a legacy is to plant oneself firmly within the house of God (vv. 11-15). At present, this means being personally invested in a local community of faith that anticipates the heavenly community that we’ll one day enjoy in full measure. Only here will our roots find the soil necessary to provide the strength we need to stand against the storms of life that will inevitably come.

May we as the people of God remain vital and green, produce fruit even in old age, and be able to declare, “The Lord is just. He is my rock. There is nothing but goodness in him!”


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