the power of the waves (Psalm 93)

Aivazovsky, Ivan (1817-1890), “Wave”.
Oil on canvas. Original: 304 x 505 cm, The State Russian Museum.

Francis Schaeffer once remarked that modern man is in despair because he has both feet planted firmly in mid-air. What a contrast we see in Psalm 93.

Here Jehovah stands firmly with one foot planted on his majesty and the other planted on his strength. Remember the purple and blue of the central figure of Rublev’s Holy Trinity icon? The world is “firmly established” because the Lord’s integrity holds it together. In this truth is great peace and hope for us: despite the fallenness of this world, the Lord’s created order remains, and will ultimately prevail.

We all marvel at the power of breaking waves. The Asian tsunami and flooding of New Orleans were grim reminders of just how powerful the force of water can be. Yet as powerful as this force is, “mightier than the thunder of the great waters” is the Lord on high.

His “royal decrees” (v. 5, NLT) stand firm. We can choose to live by them or against them. We can thereby choose to stand against anything that crashes in on us, or choose to be crushed by the overwhelming strength of Jehovah’s character and purpose.


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